Tuesday 17 November 2009

Whaur's Your Titchmarsh Noo?

I spent all day yesterday - well apart from the two hours when I had to go into work - removing the turf from the bit of the garden destined for "hard landscaping" and all of today barrowing the "decorative aggregate" from the front of the hoose to the back. Both tons of it. I suspect that if I had a proper job, I wouldn't feel quite as weary as I do at the moment.


It's getting there, but crivvens, that is a genuine swamp out the back. I'm hoping the weather settles down a wee bit, and things dry up a tad, so that my fancy pebbles don't just sink without trace.


  1. Have you thought about lining a hole in the garden for a wee pond?

  2. :0)

    No, but I have just thought of a use for that fecking canoe.

  3. Forget the liner, the canoe and the stones. What you need to do is grow a suitable crop that'll thrive in such conditions.

    How about rice?