Thursday 19 November 2009

Holiday Relaxation

I've done not too bad this week so far - some of the garden stuff done, garage cleared out, etc, and I've even managed to throw in a wee bit of leisure time. I've read a book, which was nice, and I've also been watching a wee bit of telly. That's something I hardly ever do anymore, which I like to think says more about the quality of TV these days than it does about me.

Two shows I've found that I enjoy. Modern Family on Sky 1 is top quality stuff. Sort of a cross between the Office and a live action version of the Simpsons, with a touch of the Christopher Guest/Spinal Tap sense of humour thrown in.

And although science is a closed book to me, and I would never - never - claim to have any understanding of cyber culture, I watched the whole of the second series of The Big Bang Theory yesterday on TV on Demand.

Engrossed I was.

Kaley Cuoco's in it.

She plays Penny.

As you'll gather from the link, it's the quality of the dialogue that draws me to it.

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