Saturday 9 January 2010


Not been anywhere near a hill for a while now, for all sorts of reasons.

However on the basis it's unlikely that I'm going to see the Clyde completely frozen over at the back of the dug's stamping ground at Bothwell Castle ever again, it seemed to be an idea to take a couple of photies for posterity. It's also an opportunity to illustrate dogs enjoying themselves, and icing up.

I had the presence of mind to put both of them on the lead when I ventured onto the slippery path behind the castle which leads down to the Clyde. The dugs are hardly to know that the same white stuff they've been capering about on is now a thin dusting on top of what can't be terribly secure ice on the river.

If you look closely at that middle photie you can see a stick lying at the exact point that I think the ice would be unable to weight-bear a labradoodle. Molly really wanted to go and get it. I fear the result, had she been allowed, would have been mair life threatening than an icy beard.


  1. Wow the Clyde frozen incredible!

  2. It is actually pretty impressive Jamie, aye.

    The pictures give a reasonable idea of how wide it is there, but it's usually awful fast flowing as well. Both dugs are strong swimmers, but even at the height of summer I'd be worried if they ventured in even a third of the way across, given the usual current.

    The caretaker at the castle says he's never seen the river like that, and he's been there for - well, for ever, I think.


  3. Heard that the Forth was also frozen over at Stirling. Wonder when that happened last - both major rivers iced over!

    That is a superb shot of the "wee black dug" - one happy soul...though I'm not so sure Molly's happy about the sparkling beard decorations (lol).

    That looks a great walk - must check it out on the map.