Thursday 30 September 2010

It's good to have a dug or two...

...because apart from everything else, the necessity to get up out your bed and take them doon the park each morning means that just sometimes the early sunlight prompts you to stick your camera in your pocket as you leave the house.


  1. I think I might just do that Scott. Fantastic photos.

  2. Thanks Martin - it's the rarity of morning Scottish sunshine that does the trick!


  3. Stonkin' good pics!

    Never seen a dug stuck in a web before :-)

  4. Crackin' photies. Which park is it by the way?

  5. I've been humming Homer Simpson's "Spider Pig" tune to myself since I took the photie.

    @BBF - it's just the dugs' normal stamping ground of Bothwell Castle. The weather maybe makes it look more exotic!

  6. Ah, I really must go visit that place. I'm just along the road in Hamilton. I drive/cycle throug Bothwell everyday to get to work (just off Fallside road)