Monday 11 October 2010

Go West

It was a good holiday. Not that we actually did an enormous amount, but the mix of long lies, cooked breakfasts, pottering around beaches and lighthouses and general wildlife spotting combined to make it a rather relaxing week. And the weather was awfy kind. Windy, admittedly - almost by definition it's aye windy in Ardnamurchan - but dry, on the whole.

The journey up was uneventful. Felt a wee bit odd to be starting a holiday by travelling on a Sunday, somehow, but it meant the roads were relatively quiet, and we were able to get a seat in the bar at the Kingshouse in Glencoe for a sandwich to sustain us for the second leg of the marathon journey. Actually, it's not that much of a marathon if truth be known. You end up feeling an incredibly long way from home, but after the short Corran Ferry trip (and that's not even as far away as Fort William!) it's only another 90 minutes or so to Kilchoan. The single track roads add a certain something to the fatigue of the journey, but although it's good clip west it's not really that far north - on a par with Pitlochry I'd say. Takes longer to get where we were, right enough!

Arrived and settled at the house in time for a perfectly acceptable meal at the local pub - dug friendly, thankfully. There wasn't a huge choice of bar meals, and dinner was only served between 6 & 8; but it was open and it sold beer so there was little else required.

Up and out on Monday morning and headed up to the delights of the beach at Sanna Bay. Once you leave the sheep-filled carpark the beach itself was ideal for the dugs to run about daft doing their thing. Only downside was the gusts of near gale force wind which genuinely gave you the sensation of being sandblasted, but on a west coast beach in Scotland in October it wasn't an entirely unexected turn of events.

It's a nice spot. If you ever, ahem, happen to be passing, you should definitely take a look.

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Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's exciting instalment - "Daytrip to Tobermory!!!"  ;0)

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