Monday 27 December 2010

Five...what, er, sorry, five did you say?

Since day one, there's always been a link on this blog to Lindsay Boyd's site. It's got the proverbial wealth of information for hillwalkers about what Munros in Scotland are actually like. Understated, and invaluable.

So, please join with me in offering a wee "well done" to the man, who's now completed his fifth round of the bloody things.

Cheers Lindsay!


  1. Lightbulb moment!

    Thought I'd seen something on about someone compleating round 5 - initials LB. Hadn't made the connection before now.
    I used to pick up info from Lindsays site when I started hillwalking.

    Congratulations Lindsay - quite a feat!

  2. Yikes! Fifth!? That really is amazing!