Sunday 26 December 2010

Ruff and Tuff, eh?

Call me sentimental - or indeed call me anthropomorphising - but I've always felt that dugs should get Christmas presents too. By lucky happenstance I was in the pet shop on the 24th, so I got the Wee Black Dug a new frisbee that apparently floats, which should save a shedload of money in the summer when she generally loses one every couple of days by dropping them in the Clyde.

Molly on the other hand loves a toy with a good loud squeak (the more annoying, the better, if I'm honest). Longevity is always a problem with such items however; she always seems intent on getting to, and forcibly removing, the squeaker, and the toys never turn out to be terribly robust. However - they had a "Ruff and Tuff" branded, black and yellow, industrial-looking, heavy duty canvassy tugger thing that felt hugely substantial...and it squeaked.

 A no brainer, I believe, is the term.

Molly loved it. All through Christmas day, throwing it about the place, chewing it, pulling it etc, etc. Unmarked it was. Pristine, even. Result!

Jorja took it off her for 10 minutes this morning:

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