Thursday 10 February 2011

One of the cats has learned how to open the fridge

Now, that'd be bad enough news in any house that plays host to five cats. But consider how much worse it is in a house that contains the Wee Black Dug...who is confined to the kitchen when we're both out, on account of her waterworks issue.

You can probably imagine the scene that met me when I got in from work tonight, the cat (Lara, in case you're wondering) sitting on the working top looking smug, and Jorja paw deep in tasty ex-comestibles. What I think she got through was:
  • a pretty much full tub of "Olivio" spread - so at least her cholesterol won't be too bad.
  • two tubs of coleslaw
  • a half portion/container of pate
  • a packet of cold meat
  • a packet of chicken tikka "bites" - (they get used for giving one of the other cats his daily pill)
  • the leftover stew from Sunday lunch
  • the leftover mashed tatties from Sunday lunch
  • half a tub of double cream
  • half a tin of baked beans
This isn't good. It's particularly not good because on Monday night she decided to snaffle the clingfilm-covered crock of vegetables (broccoli, green beans, carrots) also leftover from Sunday that had been sitting minding its own business on the working top; and last night she took it upon herself to eat half a dozen eggs, box and all. By my reckoning there's usually been a box of eggs sitting around somewhere in the kitchen since the day and hour we got the dug four years ago, and that's the first time she's ever expressed the slightest interest.

I'd to go to Boots tonight and get one of these.

I'd kind of thought those days were behind me.


  1. Sounds like yer dug's got anacondas rather than just std worms...

    Maybe you should skip the fridge-lock approach to security and go for one of these instead >>>

  2. I'm trying not to laugh ;o)

  3. I'm trying really hard not to laugh too ;o)

    Actually that is a lie I'm reading out that list to Nicky and we are both laughing!


  4. Life's certainly not going to get any easier if the animals keep pooling their resources.

    Oh, and I think the solution might be to lock the dug into BG's gunsafe.


  5. "Oh, and I think the solution might be to lock the dug into BG's gunsafe."

    Probably best to lock the cats in there too, lest they release the dug while you're not looking. That's the beauty of having compartmentalised storage :-)

  6. OMG Scott sounds like its way worse than having kids. I now have visions in my head of the animals all planning together in a Great Escape type fashion. The mind boggles as to what they'll come up with next!!

  7. It's never dull opening the kitchen door on one's return to the hoose, that's for sure.

    Today was uneventful though, which means it's the first time this week that Jorja's actually had to be given dog food for dinner.