Friday 13 May 2011

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Aye, well, the post from last night has unilaterally elected to return to the bosom of the blog.

Hackers. That's who'll be to blame!

Or should I feel a bit pathetic because I had no idea what was going on?


  1. It's being reported widely that Blogger has been well-and-truly fcuked this last few days. FWIW, not being able to see a post doesn't mean that it's not there - indeed, your last few posts have been digitally injected into my Google Reader thing no less than three times each.

    Google's "incoming links" thing is banjaxxed too - one day it reports many new links from other blogs, next day it reports nowt, next day it reports the state of play from about three months ago, and the next day it reports all blogroll links that point my way. In other words, it's 5h1te.

    Time for you to jump ship, methinks. WordPress is alongside, just go for it and don't look down.

  2. Hmmm. Food for thought. Plus I'd get smilies!!!

  3. Well, there's nowt to stop you setting up a free WordPress .com blog, importing your Blogger stuff and then running the two side-by-side so that you can compare them. WP's import tools make populating a WP blog fairly simple. Not sure how it handles images though, you might want to check up on that.

    Or you could get a techie mate to sort it for you :-)

  4. Couple of helpful plug-ins and a bit of dicking about should take care of it.

    Sounds like BG is volunteering.

  5. Mind your permalinks and comments! And the dog-friendly page, of course.

  6. Sounds fantastic. Whichever one of you pair does all that could presumably resolve the keyboard cat puke issue as well, yes?