Friday 9 September 2011

Rain stopped play.

I actually think I'm needing to get away for a proper walk for the sake of my mental and physical wellbeing, but the currently forecast 65mph windspeed (which is, admittedly a reduction from the earlier forecast 80mph windspeed) means that's not going to happen tomorrow. If I'm feeling brave enough I might have a wee adventure on Meikle Bin though. I'll take tent pegs to nail the dugs down at the summit. So, in the meantime, what to do to cheer myself up? Scour t'internet for long forgotten comedy favourites? Overcome Channel 4 copyright directives? Offend everybody south of the border? Absolutely.


  1. Some time ago I wanted to post the clip of McGlashan reading the news, but only complete episodes were available on you choob. Bugger.

  2. I saw that one tonight as well. They're not easy to track down, right enough. Still, I'm trying to justify my Channel 4 ripping-off stance on the basis that I've just shelled out nearly £11 on the collected works.

    I was nearly getting the vido instead, of course.

  3. I meet that bloke every year in the Fife Arms...

    He nicked my fleece, he did... Said he invented it...

  4. Wouldn't surprise me to find him in there Alan.