Saturday 26 November 2011

Band weekend

Well, it's a bit miserable for the hills.


Off hand, I can't think of a better name for a band than "The Guilty Dogs". Although it's early in the day yet.

1400 hrs edit:
Hmmm. Kentucky Headhunters, eh? 

1645: Now, notwithstanding what Wikipedia seems to think, Darius Rucker is not Hootie, and the rest of them aren't the Blowfish. They're called that as "an odd tribute to two South Carolina classmates—one had thick, owl-like glasses, while the other was known for his jowly appearance. "We weren’t thinking it was a name we would have forever," bass player Dean Felber admitted. "We thought we could always think of something better.""

Still; great name, great song, great bunch of lads with a highly developed sense of community responsibility.

1905: I'm not sure I'm going to be able to top Barenaked Ladies. I've put the song on here before...but it didn't have footage of the lovely Penny in it.

2200: I should, belatedly, probably clarify that all these bands appear one way or the other in recorded media that I've actually possessed at one time or another. I'm no' just surfing tinternet for ideas!

Talking of surfing though, I reckon we have a winner:

Thanks for listening.


  1. Good man ,Scott.
    I posted the DVD version of PGG almost exactly a year ago, but this version has better feedback ! Also, they seem to have lost a second guitarist.

    And how about Dogs Die In Hot Cars for a band name ?

  2. Ah, excellent suggestion! And again, you've got the community responsibility/public awareness angle to that name as well, which is to be encouraged.

    (I should also mention that when I was idling through the "Southern Boogie" section of Youtube I came across a combo called Alabama Thunderpussy, which might be my favourite name yet, but all their songs were a bit mince so they were disqualified on that basis.)