Tuesday 1 November 2011

Hee haw

I must have signed up for a Twitter account in the dark old days when I took a drink, and used to enjoy myself footering about on the internet. Never actually used it, to my certain recollection. That, however is almost definitely about to change, because I have received a message thereon (therein? therefrom?). Anyway, I quote:

"kquoUQySS6 is now following you on Twitter!"

And what does kquo have to say? Well, excitingly enough, "I've got a big ass that just needs to be slapped around!" There's a picture of her too, and she seems quite personable.

And before anyone casts aspersions, I'm only going to reply because I'm a bit concerned about the welfare of her donkey, regardless of its stature.


  1. Perhaps, but at least I'm brayve enough to try.

  2. Now I see why some forum dwellers complain about bloggers.

    I'm off to do a bit of typing on twitter then...