Thursday 27 October 2011

I'd forgotten about this one...

...a labour of love, I think.



  1. Oh yes...remember seeing it on the film at the time...brilliant!

  2. Let me tell you a story.
    In the days before I began dribbling and smelling of piss, I used to be invited to a few posh dos.
    As I entered one such soiree, my attention was immediately grabbed by a stunning lady of the opposite gender.Imagine my surprise/delight/ shock/horror ( men will be familiar with this emotion ) when a mutual friend introduced her to me as " This is ******, she's from Sheffield.
    Now even a suave sophisticated boulevardier like myself can be lost for words in such a situation, and I heard myself uttering the immortal line "Ah, Sheffield. Do you know Joe Cocker ?"
    Even as I type my buttocks clench at the memory.
    Astonishingly she replied "Not personally, but his band used to play in my dad's pub"
    Was there a happy ending ? Well, for her, yes.
    Her husband came over and claimed her and we didn't take the conversation any further.
    I'm finished now. Sorry about the hijack

  3. :0)

    I'm getting quite a vivid mental image of that, for some reason.