Tuesday 8 November 2011


More than once, over the years, a lay off from hillwalking for a few weeks has been followed by a gentle reintroduction involving a trip to the Kilsyth hills and a wander up Meikle Bin. Last Saturday felt like the right time to try that traditional approach, and happily I didn't keel over half way up.

Kudos to Andy for having the courage to accompany me, secure in the knowledge that he'd be the one that'd have to carry me three miles back to the car park if things - well, me rather than things - had taken a turn for the worse. This task would have been made no easier by the fact that we had five dugs with us.

A particularly big hand is due, I think, for the star of the show, Poppy the dachshund on her first Big Mountain Adventure.

No, I have nae idea

Five - count 'em, five!

Towards bigger hills

They're everywhere

This takes patience.


Not to be outdone in the posing stakes

What a braw day out. I think I might take up this hillwalking lark.



  1. Here's a wee suggestion for you next destination ;)


    Glad to hear you're up and out!

  2. Fantastic - phone the ambulance then defibrillate yersel while you're waiting. Now that's what I call multitasking.

  3. I do like the defibrillator Phone box idea...

    We could also have emergency kegs of bitter in the villages where the pub has closed down...