Saturday 2 March 2013

Night Oot

I think I've maybe posted this before, but (a) I'm sure everyone would agree that my material is strong enough to bear repetition, and (b) we're going to see her in Glasgow tomorrow at the O2, so that's enough of an excuse in itself.



  1. Well, I suppose it's what they call progress - a band where the female vocalist has more tattoos then the drummer !

    1. I was going to say that you can never have too many tattoos, but that's demonstrably no' true for everyone. I'm a fan myself, mind you.

      I still stand by my description of Beth Hart as "intimidatingly foxy".

      She was awfy good tonight, and also had an awfy good band. An extra guitarist too, so the whole thing was somewhat more rocky than I'd necessarily anticipated - all good, really!