Thursday 7 March 2013

Jorja 2 - Blogger 0

Well, that's the "new Munro" tally for 2013. I take some small comfort from the fact that to a certain extent, her bagging success is partly down to me, because she still can't work the clutch herself, so she needs a lift to any hills north of Crianlarich.

It also has to be conceded that Bynack More, where we were last Saturday, is one of my favourites, so it's no hardship going back. That's the third time I've been at the top, out of only four attempts(!) so that's not a bad strike rate. Ahem. My Munromagic log - personally I think it's a tenner well spent because it makes me keep a record of dates so's I get my money's worth - tells me that the first ascent was in February 2007, and the second in June 2010. (Lay yer bets now on whether there's the remotest prospect of me being at the top again in 2016. You'll get good odds.)

The failed visit, which turned out to be a most enjoyable, albeit snowbound day, was in February 2010.

Rather less in the way of full on alpine conditions last week, although when the wind picked up on the last stretch on the ridge it felt plenty wintry enough. The trip also marked the "real life" debut of the Kahtoola crampony affairs, and they were, as Oor Wullie would no doubt say, the very dab. In truth, we didn't really really need them - you could have got up the slope OK in your boots - but they were a significant comfort, and to my mind genuinely came into their own when the ground evened out a bit just below the summit and there were numerous large iced-up areas to negotiate between the bouldery outcrops. Absolutely perfect for those "just in case" winter days on the hill. And, in fact, I've rather formed the view ever since the failed jaunt to Geal Charn a few weeks back that if I've got a dug with me, then unless I can get up a hill with the Kahtoolas, rather than the full on Grivel ironmongery, it's unlikely the inbuilt canine crampons would be enough. Sauce for the goose, etc.

A few photies:

A Green, Frozen, Lochan

The view back towards Meall a' Buachaille

Maura & Jorja scope out the hill proper

Kahtoola Kountry


If the snow had been a shade icier, it would have required full winter metalwork
The WBD takes a breather towards the top of the ridge

Summit fever. Or sandwich fever, one of the two.


  1. Those pull-on spiky things look good. I've just watched the video, which very helpfully says something along the lines of "first find the front, which is marked front". I think I could manage that. Bynack More. It's so long since I've been up there that I had to look it up because I'd forgotten where it was. It was a nice day, I remember that. Thanks for stirring the memory.
    Cheers, Alen

    1. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that it had been sufficiently long ago since I bought them that I was pleased when I noticed on the hill that they had "Front" printed on them. I hadn't really considered the "pitting them on properly" mechanics up until then.