Saturday 14 December 2013

small and exquisite appearance...


I used to be a wee bit of a hi-fi snob when I was when I actually had money to spend on stuff like that...back when I was at University and had a "Record Player"...etc, etc. Anyway, times change and it's genuinely been several years since I listened to much music anywhere other than in the car on CD, or on the computer. Exclusively on the computer in the house, actually. We don't even have a proper CD player at home - I'm no' sure how that happened, come to think of it. Hmm.

It's taken until now before it occurred to me that you could maybe do something to improve the quality of the music you get oot of said computer.

And here it is. Fii0

Seriously - it works. There's things going on in the background of songs that I know well that I haven't heard in years - if ever. Woodblocks, even. Plectrum scrapes. All the good stuff, basically. 

A late birthday present for me, a Christmas present recommendation for folk of a certain age (well, men of a certain age probably) who want to pretend they still care about the internet music listening experience. Yours for around £60 from The Devil's Megastore.

Mind you, before I realised that my bog standard PC could probably do with a bit of a help in delivering the music, I'd already invested in a pretty decent pair of speakers and a jolly pleasant set of headphones, so regardless of the difference the wee black box has made to me, your mileage may vary.  ;)


  1. Great. I'll be getting one for the Dansette.

    1. I imagine you'll particularly notice the difference in sound quality at yon times when you put a big pile of 45's on the spindle all at once.