Wednesday 9 April 2014

No otters today

The last time me and Marion spent any time at Lochbuie on Mull we were lucky enough to notice a surprisingly common, yet unsurprisingly elusive resident in the form of a youngish adult gambolling - and that's the only word for it - between the shore and the shallows at this particularly idyllic part of Mull. We had a good quarter of an hour before it clocked us, and at times it was no more than twenty yards away.

Today however, we mainly spotted dugs.

It's about a two mile walk from the Big Hoose to Lochbuie itself. A perfectly pleasant dander.


You pass a variety of sights on the way. An odd tree:

A commemorative monument to Donald Maclaine (stirringly erected by his tenantry, his servants and a few friends!) ...

...and last but not least the famous "Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Pyramid of Lochbuie".


We also saw two dead deer, one of which - unusually in my limited experience - was actually stuck fast in the branches of a roadside tree. The tree was in fairness directly below a craggy hillside of uncommon steepness, but nonetheless, it still struck everyone as a bit odd. I decided there wasn't much call for a photie of that, all things considered.

The parking area at Lochbuie was busy, so it's clearly a place for the local folk to get away from the hustle and bustle of the South of Mull in general. ;)

It also has the only post office for miles...

...which provides the added attraction of being a shop where, depending on delivery schedules, you can get butcher meat, eggs, soft drinks and all manner of necessary items. It all seems to work beautifully. I'm not sure they would trade quite as successfully in darkest Lanarkshire though:

Anyroad, as Andy quite correctly commented yesterday, nobody looks at this blog for anything other than pictures of dugs in various locations around Scotland so without further ado!!!


Molly has plans for getting that stick without a soaking...

...told you!

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