Thursday 10 April 2014


There's probably not much in the way of "obviously Tobermory views" that people with an interest in Mull (or certain wean's telly shows) aren't familiar with already, but given that we spent a perfectly enjoyable day there on the Monday you're getting a couple of photies anyway.

They've painted the Mishnish yellow

Man's best friends

Could not give a...

Fish & chips from the van. :)

Sound advice

Slightly weary after all that sea air.

I was rather pleased to see that the pub was up to its old standards this time around. It's a venerable institution, but the last time we were there the management seemed to be more focussed on what was then a newish restaurant/bistro area next to the bar, which as a result felt a wee bit unloved and under resourced. And difficult to get fed in. All that's resolved now - possibly partly due to the fact that the rival MacGochan's has gone a bit "Brewer's Fayre", and the Mishnish once again ranks highly in the WBD "dug & grub pub" league table.