Sunday 13 April 2014

Ben More

A few pictures from the jaunt - successful unlike last time. We were lucky with the weather, but we were nearly very very lucky. Only claggy at the top, which is good enough for me quite frankly.

Straight up and down from Dhiseig, all as per the "Tourist route" description. Which again, is good enough for me, partly because that's what we were. :)

Looking upwards

Looking backwards

Lower down, the path isn't always quite as clear as you'd think

Zoomed in - to make it seem closer.

Is it looking claggy at the top?


You'd need to keep a wee eye out for those cornices if the weather was worse.

(Not our flag!)

Oh, and just as a point of mild interest, did anybody notice in the very first photie that yon fence post was levitating?


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