Thursday, 10 March 2011

Scotland's best dog walk?

To cut a long story short, my plan last Saturday to do Stob Ban (the Grey Corries version) foundered at the last minute, so being in the general area I had another wander up Creag Pitridh. This was the first Munro I had ever climbed where the justification for choosing it was that it was a new one for the dug.  :0)
There's plenty of photies of the walk in to the three hills hereabouts elsewhere on the blog, so I'll confine myself to the bare minimum on this post!


  1. Is there a 'fishul Canine Comleatist list ? Sounds like something Dave Hewitt could get his teeth into !

  2. It's undeniable that Scottish scenery doesn't need a Wee Black Dug in it to look good, but I always think it rounds things off.

    And I think Jorja's got more chance of getting them all done than I have, as she doesn't seem to suffer from a paralysing fear of heights.